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Archer, Alex

Tagged: Author | House name

A House Name used by the Gold Eagle imprint of Harlequin Books (Toronto, Ontario) for the Rogue Angel sequence of contemporary action-adventure fantasy/supernatural thrillers about the explorations of multi-talented female archaeologist Annja Creed. Distantly reminiscent of Lara Croft in the Third Person Shooter Videogame Tomb Raider (1996), she encounters a wide spectrum of tropes that includes Mad Scientists, Monsters, Mythology, Supernatural Creatures and Vampires. Authors with entries in this encyclopedia who have contributed to the Rogue Angel series as Archer are Victor Milán, Mel Odom and Jean Rabe; others [see Checklist below] are Michele Hauf, John F Merz, Joseph Nassise and Steven...


Tagged: International

Brazilian Proto SF is being slowly rediscovered in the last decades, revealing some works that shed light on the problematic relationship between scientific ideas and the literature of fiction in the country. An early important text is Páginas da história do Brasil, escritas no ano 2000 ["Pages of a History of Brazil, Written in the Year 2000"] (1868-1872 in the newspaper O Jequitinhonha) by Joaquim Felício dos Santos (1828-1895), a Satirical work set in the future. Also satirical, but minor, is the earlier short story "O Fim do mundo" ["The End of the World"] (1857 Jornal do Commercio, Rio de Janeiro), by Joaquim Manuel de Macedo (1820-1882), in which a Comet strikes Rio de Janeiro causing...

Columbia Workshop

Tagged: Radio

Radio series (1936-1943; 1946-1947). CBS Radio for CBS Radio Network. Producers included Nila Mack and William N Robson. Directors included Irving Reis (1906-1953), Earle MacGill, Robson, Myron Sattler (?1907-?1981), Nila Mack, others. Staff writers included Stephen Vincent Benét, Richard Hughes, Vic Knight, Reis and Robson. Several hundred 60-minute episodes were produced, some as two-part serials. At least 333 episodes are known to survive. While this was a general anthology series, it featured some important science fiction including literary adaptations of some well-known early sf works. The known sf episodes include the following: "A Voyage to Lilliput" (1 January 1937) based on part...

Postal Worlds

Tagged: Game | Theme

Games such as Chess have been played by post since at least 1824, when the members of the newly formed Edinburgh Chess Club challenged their London counterparts to a correspondence match, and probably much earlier. These games, however, were played in alternating turns between individual participants, each of whom had a board displaying the current state of play. The concept of a game in which several players submit their orders for a turn to a central moderator, who processes them simultaneously and returns the results, appears to have developed only in the 1960s. Typically, the moderator (who may be a human being or a piece of computer software) is the only entity whose knowledge of the ga...

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