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Citing SFE Entries: The Incoming / Citation Button

Unlike some other online resources,The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction only offers entries that are written by noted experts in the field of science fiction, some of them being very well known. Their work should be properly cited, and it is easy to do so. Clicking on the blue Incoming / Citation button at the top of each entry leads to an information page which shows, in the upper right-hand corner, the full name or names of the entry's author or authors and some suggested ways to cite the entry, which may be copied and pasted into research essays and reports. (Note: learned opinions about proper methods of citation can vary wildly, and students should be prepared to modify our suggested citations to conform to their instructors' preferences.)

The Incoming / Citation page is also useful because, as the first half of its name is meant to indicate, it lists all other entries that link to the initial entry, and thus can lead students to additional information about its subject matter. That is, if one simply follows the links within an entry on an author, perhaps for a general subject like the planet Mars, they may find that the entry, in fact, never mentions the author in question. However, if the Mars entry appears on the list of incoming links, that means that the author is in fact referred to in that entry.

Contacting Us

Finally, enterprising students seeking additional information are invited to try contacting the author or authors of relevant entries. At the upper right-hand corner of every page, the Contact link leads to an Email Contact Form whereby one may send a message to the encyclopedia's principal editors, who are also prolific authors of entries and can at their discretion forward enquiries to other contributors. A response is not guaranteed, since many of our authors are very busy people (and some are now deceased or inactive), but students will find that most of our contributors are more than willing to respond to queries from motivated students.


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