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Radio series (1936-1943; 1946-1947). CBS Radio for CBS Radio Network. Producers included Nila Mack and William N Robson. Directors included Irving Reis (1906-1953), Earle MacGill, Robson, Myron Sattler (?1907-?1981), Nila Mack, others. Staff writers included Stephen Vincent Benét, Richard Hughes, Vic Knight, Reis and Robson. Several hundred 60-minute episodes were produced, some as two-part serials. At least 333 episodes are known to survive.

While this was a general anthology series, it featured some important science fiction including literary adaptations of some well-known early sf works. The known sf episodes include the following:

"A Voyage to Lilliput" (1 January 1937) based on part of Gulliver's Travels (1726; rev 1735) by Jonathan Swift; "An Incident of the Cosmos" (16 January 1937) by Irving Reis, which concerns the destruction of the Earth (see End of the World) as witnessed by Aliens; "R.U.R" (18 April 1937) based on Karel Čapek's play R.U.R. (1920; trans 1923); "The Horla" (7 November 1937) based on "Le Horla" (October 1886 Gil Blas; exp rev in Le Horla, coll 1887) by Guy de Maupassant; and "Do Not Open for 5,000 Years" (6 February 1939) by William N Robson. The instalment "The Wedding of the Meteors" by Leslie Roberts and Joel Hamil (9 March 1938) may also be sf or Fantasy. An attempted revival of this series was CBS Radio Workshop (1956-1957). [GSt/DRL]

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