Jarre, Jean Michel

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(1948-    ) French composer and performer of electronic synthesizer pieces. There is no explicit sf content to the instrumental suites Oxygene (1976), Equinoxe (1978) and Les Chants Magnétiques (1981) but it is hard to escape the sense that these bleepy, throbbing, soaring soundscapes are aural SF. Jarre is certainly fascinated by space. The last track of Rendez-Vous (1986), "La Derniere Rendez-Vous" is dedicated to Jarre's friend Ron McNair, the American astronaut who was killed in the Challenger shuttle disaster; and "Hey Gagarin" (on Metamorphoses, 2000), a song unusual in Jarre's canon for having vocals, praises the famous cosmonaut. The suite Chronologie (1993) is a musical meditation on the dimensionality of Time that acknowledges a debt to Stephen Hawking's writings on the subject. [AR]

see also: SF Music.

Jean-Michel (since 1991 "Jean Michel") André Jarre

born Lyon, France: 24 August 1948



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