Under the Lid

12 November 2019

For various reasons it's been a tough year at SF Encyclopedia headquarters. John Clute broke his femur and is still recovering, while David Langford lost an old friend and has been helping out with the long, dismal task of house clearance. Owing to these and other distractions, a considerable time has passed since the last news bulletin here. Nevertheless -- with the aid of our few but loyal contributors -- the SFE has continued to grow. At the risk of inflicting terminal boredom, here are some figures for 2019 so far.

Somewhat exceeding our contractual commitment to update the SFE website (quite a laborious process) twice a month, the Statistics page records 174 site updates -- not counting minor updates that didn't seem worth a change to that page. Also in 2019 we have added 279 entries, a shade over 166,000 words of text, and 5,221 new hyperlinks. The author checklists and further reading lists have grown by some 2,300 new titles. Although no one seems to have made a note of the number of images in the Picture Gallery at the end of 2018, the current count is 25,590 as compared with 20,000 in late November 2017.

Finally, with the post you are still reading, the 2019 count of SFE news bulletins is now 1. Sorry about that.

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